Phwin Promotions-Agent 4 Commissions

Agent 4 Commissions

2023-06-06 – Long term

◆Come In Normal Walk Out Rich

Be an agent with high returns,share phwin to facebook,youtube,what’s app,instagram,telegram

  • every referral earns 68
  • every bet earns 0.12%
  • every deposit earns 0.98%
  • every tier upgrade earn bonus

◆How To Claim

Bonus1 – After inviting player reaches the valid membership invitation,visit”AGENT CENTER” to check your COMMISSION and go to “BONUS CENTER” to claim the earned amount.

Bonus2&3 – After the invited player DEPOSIT & Bet the commissions will be deliver at “BONUS CENTER” after second day before 2:00am [GMT+8]

Bonus4 – After reaching the correspending tier you can earn your exclusive rewards

Phwin Promotions-Agent 4 Commissions 02